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Dental Bonding Is a Gentle, Non-Invasive Way to Transform Your Smile

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to enhance the appearance of your smile, consider dental bonding at our Memphis, TN, practice. During this treatment, Dr. Timothy J. Hacker will use composite resin to conceal imperfections and reshape your teeth. The procedure does not involve any permanent alteration of your enamel, and we can usually complete it in just one office appointment. Best of all, bonding offers stunning effects. Dr. Hacker is highly experienced in cosmetic dentistry, and he will use meticulous planning and near-perfect shading techniques to achieve completely realistic results.

Bonding is often used to fill chips that can detract from the appearance of your teeth.

Are You a Dental Bonding Candidate?

Dental bonding is primarily a cosmetic procedure, used to reshape your teeth and mask surface blemishes. It is often recommended for:

  • Stains, especially if they are internal
  • Small cracks and chips
  • Gaps between your teeth
  • Worn or irregular edges
  • Unusually shaped teeth
  • Disproportionately small teeth

Dr. Hacker can also perform bonding to repair dental damage. In fact, it is the same material used to complete tooth-colored fillings, and can prevent further injury to weakened teeth.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

To perform bonding, Dr. Hacker will first choose the color of composite that matches your smile. Composite comes in a broad spectrum of colors, and he can custom shade the material, if needed. Thanks to his painstaking approach, the composite will be virtually identical to your teeth.

Dr. Hacker is highly experienced in dental bonding, and he will use meticulous planning and near-perfect shading techniques to achieve completely realistic results.

Once he has chosen the right material, your dentist will use a mild chemical agent to etch your teeth very lightly. The chemicals will not cause discomfort or weaken your teeth. Rather, they will create microscopic fissures to improve the effectiveness of the bonding process. After coating your teeth in the bonding agent, Dr. Hacker will apply the composite. He will shape the material very carefully so that it fully covers flaws and has a smooth, natural finish. When the process is complete, your dentist will use a curing light to harden the material.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

By concealing several types of concerns all at once, bonding can transform your grin and give you a dramatically younger appearance. In turn, you can expect to enjoy a boost in self-confidence. Many patients choose bonding because it does not involve any alternation of your teeth and is not considered a permanent treatment. Additionally, the cosmetic solution can be a good option if you have suffered enamel erosion, which may disqualify you from porcelain veneers. Finally, bonding is very affordable. If you are watching your budget, it may be a better option than veneers. Although composite does not last as long as porcelain, you can receive regular touch-up treatments to maintain your results.

Contact Us and Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Hacker will explain all your cosmetic options at your initial consultation. Then he can help you select the right treatment for your needs. To learn more about dental bonding, contact Dr. Hacker’s office today.

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