Dental implants are tiny, screw like posts made from titanium that are surgically placed in the jawbone. Dental implants provide stimulation and encourage growth in the bone and surrounding tissue. There are three separate parts that make up dental implants. First, the implant itself, which is made from titanium and placed into the jaw where it becomes naturally fused with the bone. In this way, dental implants are able to match the structure of a tooth root and function as a natural tooth would. After the implant becomes fused with the bone, it is fitted with an abutment that protrudes slightly above the gum line. Finally, a crown is put in place to give the dental implants a natural appearance.

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Research proves that dental implants are a better long term method of tooth replacement than dentures or fixed bridges. Because they prevent deterioration of the bone, there is no harm to the facial structure. Titanium is also naturally compatible with the body and does not cause irritation or harm surrounding teeth. Dental implants are held steadily in place and do not slip, which makes it easier to talk and eat than it would be with partial dentures. They also look and feel natural. With proper oral care, dental implants can last an entire lifetime.

Dental implants have become the preferred method of both single and multiple tooth restoration. This is largely because of their natural appearance and functionality. It is rare that a patient will be unqualified for dental implants. A perfect candidate is someone who possesses good overall oral health and practices proper hygiene. Patients who suffer from gum disease or bone loss may require treatment for these issues before they are able to receive dental implants. If you have any questions about dental implants in Memphis, TN, contact the office of Dr. Timothy Hacker today! Dr. Hacker will help you understand what is involved in dental implants surgery and what you can expect to pay in terms of dental implant cost.

Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth or a full mouth of teeth. They can be used to support dental crowns as individual teeth and bridge work or to stabilize your dentures. Life’s too short to live with dentures that slip when you eat or speak. Please ask for more information on this amazing and life changing process called “Teeth In A Day.”

Dr. Hacker’s patients can also undergo the All-on-4® technique. In this approach, four mini implants are placed, along with the denture restoration, in a single office visit.

Dr. Hacker is Board Certified in placing and restoring dental implants, a AAID-Honored Fellow and ABOI/ID-Diplomat.

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Dr. Timothy J. Hacker, located in Mephis, TN Area, is a Dentist who services patients from Memphis, TN, Germantown, TN, and Arlington, TN. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!

Teeth in a Day

Dr. Timothy Hacker is a dentist who provides solutions for tooth replacement in the Memphis, TN area. The newest innovation in this area is the Teeth-in-a-Day treatment. This is considered a major improvement over dentures and even regular dental implants. With Teeth-in-a-Day, patients can have a new set of dental implants in a single appointment. There are no multiple office visits and no extended healing period. Patients literally walk out with a new set of fully functioning implants after one short visit.

With dentures, patients often complain of discomfort and difficulty performing everyday tasks. Dentures are not held securely and often slip around in the mouth. This can make it difficult to eat or speak clearly and often causes embarrassing moments. Even worse is that dentures allow for bone and tissue deterioration. Over time your gums and jawbone will begin to wear away due to a lack of stimulation. The result is an alteration in the facial structure, which can increase signs of aging. For these reasons, dental implants are considered an improvement over dentures.

While dental implants are preferable to dentures, they still have their drawbacks. Mainly, the long waiting period between when they are put in place and when they can be used. There is a four to six month period where the implants become integrated with the jawbone. This can cause difficulty with some patients. However, with Teeth-in-a-Day, there is no waiting period. Surgery takes no longer than a few hours and you have a new fully functioning set of teeth that day.

Teeth-in-a-Day is a great option for patients who do not like dentures or who cannot wait six months for a new tooth. Unlike with dentures, Teeth-in-a-Day provide patients with replacements that both look and feel natural. To learn more about Teeth-in-a-Day and other options for tooth replacement in the Memphis, TN area, contact the offices of Dr. Timothy Hacker today and schedule your consultation.

Dr. Timothy J. Hacker, located in Mephis, TN Area, is a Dentist who services patients from Memphis, TN, Germantown, TN, and Arlington, TN. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!

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