Preserve the Health of Your Smile with General Dentistry

Root Canal Therapy

If you have an infected tooth, root canal therapy can end your discomfort and save your tooth from extraction. During this treatment, Dr. Timothy Hacker will clean out your infected tooth and root canals. Then he will fill your tooth with a rubber compound. Finally, he will completely restore your tooth with a dental crown. Dr. Hacker is experienced, and he completes root canal therapy and crown measurements in a single visit. At your second visit, he will simply place the crown, and you can enjoy fully restored dental function.

Traditional Orthodontics

Crooked teeth not only affect your appearance, they can also impact your overall physical and oral health. A misaligned or imbalanced bite can lead to bruxism, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, and difficulties maintaining proper dental hygiene. Braces exert a gentle pressure to realign your teeth and improve your bite. Although you may assume that braces are only suitable for teens, many adults are realizing the tremendous benefits of orthodontic treatment.

TMJ Disorder Treatment

You use your jaw joints almost constantly. Because they are under continual strain, TMJ disorder is a common condition. It arises when your joints are damaged or when the surrounding soft tissues become inflamed. Symptoms include jaw pain, headaches, a popping noise when you open your mouth, tinnitus, and more. Dr. Hacker typically treats TMJ disorder with custom-made mouth guards of his own design. The devices realign your jaw to alleviate pressure on your joints and prevent teeth grinding.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you suffer from sleep apnea, your breathing ceases while you are asleep. This can happen many times each night, leaving you feeling constantly exhausted. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common form of the condition. It results when your soft palate and tongue fall backwards and block your airways. To treat OSA, Dr. Hacker offers custom-made oral splints. These devices fit over your front teeth, realigning your jaw and keeping your airways clear.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Hacker performs several types of advanced oral surgery, using the latest technology to minimize your discomfort and recovery time. If you have a receding jawbone, Dr. Hacker may recommend bone grafting or a sinus lift. These procedures can enhance your jawbone structure and enable you to receive dental implants. Our innovative surgical lasers allow Dr. Hacker to treat advanced gum disease and perform cosmetic gum reshaping. Finally, if you have a severely damaged tooth or wisdom teeth, he can perform an extraction.

Soft Tissue Grafting

If you have receding gums, due to periodontal disease or some other factor, you are at risk for dental sensitivity, tooth loss, and further tissue recession. With gum grafting, Dr. Hacker can use your own soft tissues to rebuild your gum line and enhance your oral health. He offers several types of soft tissue grafts. During your evaluation, he will determine the best type for you depending on your condition and treatment goals. 

Composite Fillings

Fillings are the most common treatment for dental decay. They can stop the spread of bacteria and save the weakened structure of your tooth. Dr. Hacker only uses tooth-colored composite fillings. Unlike older, silver amalgam fillings, composite blends naturally with your smile. It also bonds more strongly with your tooth structure. Dr. Hacker can typically place composite fillings in a single appointment.

Sedation Dentistry

If you suffer from dental anxiety, our various sedation options can help you relax throughout your appointment. You can choose from nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), intravenous (IV) sedation, or oral conscious sedation. At your initial consultation, Dr. Hacker will explain each option and help you choose the one that best suits your needs. We also offer highly effective local anesthesia, administered with a virtually pain-free injection. Thanks to our sedation dentistry, you can receive the dental treatment that you may have put off for many years.

Scaling and Root Planing

Gum disease occurs when pockets of bacteria accumulate along the gum line. Scaling and root planing is typically the most effective treatment for periodontal disease. During this deep cleaning treatment, Dr. Hacker will clear up bacteria. Then he will use an ultrasonic scaler to eliminate plaque and tartar. With ultrasonic technology, you will not experience any unpleasant vibrations or drilling noises. Finally, Dr. Hacker will smooth the rough patches on your roots, deterring the growth of bacteria in the future. To learn more about the connection between mouth bacteria and heart disease please click here.

Illustration of jaw bone in blue and impacted wisdom tooth highlighted in red

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Removing wisdom teeth often seems like a rite of passage into adulthood, and the truth is that most patients will need to undergo the procedure at some point. Dr. Hacker understands that patients may be concerned about their comfort, so he will begin by educating you on exactly what to expect. In order to deliver virtually pain-free treatment, he offers effective anesthetic and sedative options. He is also committed to thorough aftercare, while providing comprehensive post-operative information to expedite the healing process. 

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