Dr. Timothy Hacker can enhance your smile with one of his many outstanding dental services. Patients can enjoy dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry treatments that are very comfortable and convenient.

“Thank you, Dr. Hacker! I used to be insecure with my unsightly yellow teeth but now, I can proudly show my pearly whites. Plus, I look great in photos!”
-Larry Doggett

“Thank you, Dr. Hacker, for addressing my jaw-bite problems! I can now talk properly and eat whatever I want. I look forward to my next dental checkup with you guys!”
-Larry D.

“Dr. Tim Hacker’s Laser Periodontal Therapy is one of the best features they have. I have healthier gums now and I did not suffer any soreness, a lot of thanks to their advanced technologies that are very impressing!”
-Linda O.

“Dr. Hacker did an excellent job treating my daughter’s dental cavities and in influencing her to moderately eat sweeties and goodies. The staff is very friendly as well!”
-Ricky S.

“My sister has been constantly asking me about the toothpaste I use since I have recently had surprisingly white teeth. What she did not know was that I just had these veneers from Dr. Hacker’s clinic. It almost looked real, thanks to you, Doctor!”
-Linda Summers

“I was impressed with Dr. Hacker and his team. They really took the time to answer my questions and put me at ease before leading me to the dental chair. The friendly staff helped ease my nerves.”
-Leandro Muniz

“Getting dental implants is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Thank you Dr. Hacker!”
-Bruce Encisa

“I admire Dr. Hacker’s dedication to us patients. He considered my worries and helped me get the smile I’ve always wanted. I’m thankful he is my dentist.”
-Hailey Smith

“Outstanding staff, very professional and attentive, from basic tooth cleaning, to tooth repair. Excellent work with insurance, they get it right the first time. No complaints at all. Not open on Fridays, make sure to call ahead to confirm scheduling.”
– Gordon Hacker

“They did a very good job.”
– Wendall Garrett

“They removed a membrane from my bone Graff. I have another appointment on September 2, for a dental implant”
– Julie Brown

“I love my new smile. I can recommend Dr. Tim Hacker because his work is beautiful, and he’s really passionate about it.”
– Jovan Taylor